3 Reasons to Go with a Projector Over a Television

Posted on: 25 October 2016

Have you found yourself watching a movie on television or maybe your favorite sports team play and wished that you had a bigger screen to watch it on? Your first thought on how to solve this problem might involve heading to the local electronics store for a new television. But before you head down that road, there's another option you might want to consider. Projectors today are nothing like the one your science teacher used to show slides during class. In many ways, home theater projectors are on par or even better than a standard television set. Here are three reasons why a projector might be right for you.

Easy to Install and Set up

When you buy a bigger television, you often have to go out and buy a bigger TV stand as well. If you want to mount a television on your wall, you'll need an entirely different set of tools. But, with most projectors, all you really need is an empty wall to point it at. The projector itself can be set anywhere with a flat surface and most are significantly smaller in size than the average television. You simply turn it on and start watching.

A Ridiculously Large Screen at a Lower Cost

HD televisions have come down in price from when the technology first came out, but you may find after a little research that a home theater projector is still a better value. Put quite simply, projectors are capable of putting up gigantic screen sizes of 100" or more. You will be hard pressed to find a television that can give you that much real estate and, if you do, chances are it will cost quite a bit of money. Projectors quite simply give you more screen size for your money than you get from a TV.

Take Your Television with You

When you own a projector, you can be the life of any party. Because projectors are so small, they can be picked up and taken to a friend's house. Try doing that with your 60" television. The smaller projectors are also great for anyone who travels a lot. You can connect your laptop computer up to the projector from the comfort of a hotel room and watch a streaming movie right on the wall in glorious HD. Owning a projector simply allows you to be flexible with how and where you watch television.

If you're looking to upgrade your television experience, you can't go wrong with a projector. Most projectors are lightweight, portable and easier to set up than large television and you'll likely get a much bigger screen size than what you would be able to find on an affordable television set. 


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