Tips For Buying Fabric So It Doesn't Overwhelm Your Life

Posted on: 7 March 2017

Going to a fabric store is like going to a candy store for a kid. However, as an adult, you have to control yourself because your parents aren't there to put limits on what you buy. It's so easy to overdo it and end up with loads of unused fabrics in your home. If you slow down and take steps to determine what you really want and what you really need to get now, you'll find your stash of fabric becomes a lot more manageable, and your wallet doesn't dread another trip to the fabric store.

Have a Hypothetical Shopping Spree First

When you know you want to buy fabrics and patterns but you don't have a specific project in mind, have a hypothetical shopping spree. Go to the fabric store and look through everything, writing down what looks awesome and what looks like something you'll actually use (it's painful to admit it, but a lot of what you like tends not to be the same as what you actually need). If you want, take notes -- mark the fabric as something you've used before and will still use, something new that looks great but you're not sure about the material itself, and so on. When you've gone through the entire store (because you know you will), go get some coffee or tea and mull over what you've written. Tease out a shopping list that you know you'll be satisfied with but that won't result in a mound of fabric lying on your couch for years.

Check Normal Availability

If any of those fabrics turns out to be something that you just adore, but it's new and you're not sure if it's going to be regularly stocked, ask the staff. It could be that it's something that can be ordered easily, or it could turn out that it's a limited-edition printed pattern, for example. That will help you determine whether you really have to buy tons of it, or just some of it.

Really Re-evaluate Those Patterns

If you're looking at clothing patterns, too, use the same procedure. Be sure the pattern is one that will look good in the materials you like (there's no sense buying a pattern that will look good only if you use a material you hate).

Sort and Store Extras in Sealable Plastic Bags

Once you have your purchased fabric, go home and sort it immediately. Store the fabrics you're not using immediately in sealable plastic bags to keep out bugs.

If you've got any questions, the fabric store staff is there to help you.


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