Simple DIY Details For Architectural Details For Rustic Home Designs

Posted on: 13 March 2017

Rustic home designs are warm and inviting and have details like custom woodwork or brackets to accent architectural features. If you want to give your rustic home or cabin more of an authentic look, you may want to consider some DIY projects to add a personal touch to your home with architectural details. Here are some DIY projects that you can do to add a few rustic architectural details to your home:

1. Using False Timber and Brackets for A Rustic Woodworking Look

False timber is a great way to give your home an authentic timber look. You may want to use timber brackets in areas like porches or for the details on the eaves of your home. Inside your home, there are modern synthetic materials that can be used to create the look of features like coffered ceilings and exposed timber beams. You can use the false timber details inside and outside your home for a more authentic illusion.

2. Decorative Metal Straps to Add Authentic Details to Your Home

Decorative metal straps are another great way to add details to your home. If you are going for an aged look, use iron straps to make details look older. Hide any modern metal fasteners by covering them with larger iron straps that add more detail. In addition, you can use false straps to accent wood doors and windows, and give them an authentic rustic look with decorative metal straps. Talk with a supplier of decorative metal fasteners about brackets and straps that are approved for structural use. The structural metal fasteners can be used to replace modern materials and give your home more authentic details.

3. An Authentic Aged Look with Reclaimed Lumber for Details Outside Your Home

Another option you may want to consider for a rustic look is adding age to your home. A great way to add age is by using reclaimed lumber for details on the exterior of your home. Reclaimed lumber can be used for features like frieze-boards around windows. You can also use reclaimed lumber for siding features that have more of an aged look. To preserve the look of aged lumber, coat it with a protective enamel finish.

These are a few things that you can do to give your home rustic architectural details. Contact a vendor, like The Rustic Express, of custom clavos for builders and decorative straps to add some of these details to your home with a personal touch. 


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