Four Budget-Friendly Ways To Add Curb Appeal

Posted on: 28 March 2019

Once people have the interior of their home exactly the way they want it, it's only natural that they turn their focus to the exterior. Curb appeal can go a long way in making even the simplest home be the cutest house on the block when the right accessories are chosen. Here are four simple, inexpensive ideas to give your home character and style.

Add A Decorative Mailbox

You need to check your mail six days a week, and since it's usually a depressing combination of bills and junk mail, you may as well as give yourself something pretty to look at! Decorative mailboxes come in all kinds of colors and designs. You can choose a style that will coordinate with your house colors, or you can choose a style that showcases your personality. For example, if you adore dogs, you could choose a decorative mailbox that reflects the love for your canine companions. Whatever your hobbies or interests, chances are there is a decorative mailbox that is just right for you.

Switch Out Your House Numbers

A lot of homes have tiny, cheap house numbers that can barely be seen from the street. They are often outdated as well. While house numbers may be a very small component of a home's exterior, exchanging them for fresh, bold numbers that are large enough to be noticed can make a big difference in the overall effect.

Paint The Front Door

When people drive by or guests come over, the first thing they are likely to notice is the front door. If it is drab or has chipped paint, it's not going to give the impression you want. Paint your door a bright color that will draw the eye in and create a warm and welcoming entrance. Consider energetic red, sunny yellow, or vibrant turquoise to make the door really pop.

Add Flowers

Just as a fresh coat of paint will brighten up your front door, colorful flowers will make your entryway look even more inviting. Plant tulip bulbs in planters that flank either side of the doorway and your house will beacon the first signs of spring to a winter-weary neighborhood. For beautiful blue blooms all summer long, train morning glories over a trellis at the end of your walkway. You can also plant flowers around any trees you have in your front yard. Landscaping doesn't have to be expensive to provide a stunning display.


Planning for a Spring Flower Garden

Whenever the warm weather of spring arrives, I love spend time outdoors. I absolutely adore taking care of my backyard flower garden. I water my beautiful flowers multiple times each week. I also fertilize them every other week. Do you desperately desire to plant your first flower garden this spring? Consider stocking up on necessary supplies sooner rather than later. For instance, you might want to invest in a garden hose, a pair of work gloves, a shovel, a pack of fertilizer, and a pair of garden shears. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you plant the spring flower garden of your dreams. Enjoy!