Redesigning Your Living Room? Replace These 3 Items First

Posted on: 14 August 2019

When it comes to creating a luxurious, welcoming living room space, it can be tough to know where to start. While many people zero in on big-ticket furniture items like sofas and love seats, sometimes it's the small things that change the way a room feels. Here are three living room furniture and décor items you should replace first to create a more beautiful space, and how they can make a difference.  

1.    Area Rug

Area rugs are instrumental in defining spaces, giving the eye clues about where one room ends and another begins. Area rugs are essential for homes with open concept floorplans, since areas like living rooms can easily blend in with dining rooms.   When you look at your living room, think about your floors. Do you have a comfy area rug underneath your coffee table, chairs, and sofa that makes the space feel complete? What kind of condition is it in? Do the colors and textures meld well with the room design?   If not, consider an upgrade. Look for area rugs that have a record of standing the test of time, and pay attention to reviews others have left regarding their rug. Consider purchasing an area rug from a furniture showroom, helping you to see how the rug will look alongside any other furniture your purchase.    

2.    Media Console

If you have people over frequently to watch the big game, everyone might be staring at your television set—and your media console by default. To create an organized-looking space that you are proud to call your own, look for a media console that has enough room to house your gaming systems, DVRs, DVD players, online streaming devices, and DVD collection.   If you don't like staring at electronic cables and DVDs, think about getting a media console that has doors you can close or slide shut to cover whatever you need to.  

3.    Lamps

Creating layers of lighting is a quick, easy way to make your living room feel warmer and brighter. In addition to adding a floor lamp or two, think about adding a few table lamps to side tables, buffets, or other areas that could use a little extra light. Consider investing in lamps that are interesting to look at, so your extra lighting can act as important accent pieces.  

Recreating your living room starts with a great idea and a trip to the store, so start on your redecorating journey today. Whether you know what you are looking for or you need someone to help you fill in the broad strokes, working with a professional at a furniture store can help. Start the hunt for a perfect living room today!      


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