Tips For Understanding The Granite Countertop Buying Process

Posted on: 8 October 2019

If you are interested in getting new granite countertops for your home, you may be well aware of how every slab of granite is unique. It is a natural stone, so there will be variances in color and style. Here are some things to know that will help you with selecting granite countertops from a company like Granite & Marble Depot.

Understand The Lingo

There are different classifications of granite countertop that are used to differentiate how rare that material is. Rather than give these materials a letter or number grade that will be very easy to understand, they have unique names. Granite material is categorized as either basic, exotic, or super exotic. As you can imagine, super exotic materials are made with incredibly rare material, and they may be out of your price range. Most consumers look at basic or exotic granite for their homes. 

The supply chain is also quite unique when it comes to granite countertops. The quarry is where the granite material is going to be excavated from the earth. The quarry then sells that material to a slab yard so that it can be sold for various purposes. A fabricator then purchases the granite to turn it into countertop material. When you are buying granite countertops, you are going to be working with a fabricator. 

Understand The Pricing

The pricing of granite countertops can vary based on what level you are looking at. When it comes to basic-level countertop material, you'll find that the pricing is pretty consistent when looking at countertops between different fabricators. This is because there is not much variance in the design, and the prices for basic granite are low because of this. 

Things get complicated when you start looking at exotic-level granite, with prices being wildly different between fabricators. This is because exotic granite is priced based on the color, which is something that can be very subjective. If a slab yard priced a slab of granite at a specific price based on how they felt it looked, that price will affect what the fabricator charges. The fabricator cannot give you a drastic deal on these slabs of granite if they bought them at a high price. 

If you don't see a slab of granite that you like at a fabricator, know that there are always plenty of styles out there. Feel free to visit different fabricators until you find the style of granite that will work great in your home. 


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