Upping Your Home's R-Value? Reasons To Utilize Spray Foam In Your Insulation Plan

Posted on: 6 January 2020

One of the most important numbers for conscientious homeowners to know and understand is the R-value of their home's insulation. The letter "R" in R-value stands for the resistance the home has to heat.

Homes with higher R-values are better able to retain any heat that is produced within the home. Equally important is the fact that homes with higher R-values will also help to keep heat from the summer sun safely outside the home by preventing it from penetrating the insulation layer.

The result of both actions results in stabler interior temperatures, more comfort for the occupants, and a more efficient heating and cooling experience. If you are planning to add to the R-value of your home soon, here are some reasons to make sure that spray foam insulation is part of your plan. 

Spray foam can go where other insulation products can't 

One of the best reasons to consider spray foam insulation as part or all of your home's insulation upgrade plan is that it can be applied in areas where it is inconvenient or impossible to use other insulation products.

For example, older homes with nooks and crannies in attics and crawlspaces can be nearly impossible to seal and insulate using traditional batts or rolls of paper-backed insulation. Even the small pellets used in blown-in insulation cannot compare with spray foam insulation's power to adhere, expand, and stay where it is applied, with no messy pellets or fiberglass debris to clean up.

Because spray foam is able to be applied with a small wand, it can be directed into even small openings where it will then expand to provide an air-tight seal. If too much is applied, it can be easily trimmed and shaped with a small knife. 

Spray foam can provide a barrier to moisture

Another reason to use spray foam is that it can provide a moisture barrier to protect the surfaces where it is applied. This makes it a great choice for insulating cold floors and crawl space areas where moist soil could cause a risk of wood rot. 

Spray foam holds its shape and insulation value

Because spray foam traps air and hardens soon after application, it is able to hold its shape more easily and for much longer than other popular types of loose, batt, or roll insulation products. Because it does not settle or depress, it is also less likely to provide a comfortable nesting area to attract pests like mice and rats.

To learn more about spray foam insulation, contact a spray foam insulation contractor in your area. 


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