Tired Of People Cutting Through Your Yard? Why A Fence May Not Be Enough

Posted on: 4 February 2020

Sometimes a fence is not enough to keep your yard, well, yours. People will either vault your fence and walk through or just walk up your driveway and through your yard. That is when you should be looking at enclosing your front yard and installing a driveway gate. Looking at driveway gate designs, you are sure to spot something that looks a lot like the style of fence you have chosen. Here is how your fence and driveway gate installation can work to finally keep people out of your yard for good. 

Decreasing Fence Height Across the Front

Right now, your fence around the rest of your property is probably six to eight feet in height, depending on the style of fence. You do not want that kind of height blocking the front view of your home, so most fencing and gate contractors will cut a foot or two off the bottoms of several standard-sized fence panels. The shorter panels are installed just as though they were the regular height, except that people will be able to see some of the front of your house from the curb or street. The panels will stretch to your driveway, where they will stop for the installment of the gate. 

The Matching Gate

There is not a fence style out there that does not have a matching gate. Pick your matching gate, and then choose if it will be double-wide or single-wide length. If you choose a double-wide length, be aware that the third automatic opening option for single-wide gates is not available to you because of the size of the gate you have chosen.

The gate, or gates, depending on your selection, can be installed on just hinges alone, but that is rather inconvenient. It would require you to get in and out of your vehicle all the time to open and shut the gates and lock them if you do not want anyone to walk through.

Instead, have the gate installed with one of the following automatic gate opening options:

  1. Gate automatically opens inward and reaches a ninety-degree angle before stopping. Gate closes again and locks when it closes. 
  2. Gate slides open to the left and/or right, depending on gate style and number of "doors" on the gate. No inward or outward rotation of the gate occurs and gate locks when closed. 
  3. Gate swings outward toward the street. If you have a single-wide gate, this is allowed. A double-wide gate is discouraged, as it can and will block traffic and possibly result in damage to the gate.

All of these options open and close with an included remote control. Your privacy is ensured and your yard secured so long as you remember to consistently close the gate!


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