Mistakes To Avoid With Outdoor Grill Installation

Posted on: 29 June 2020

The grill is the centerpiece of outdoor food preparation. While standalone barbecue grills are still popular, many homeowners are opting for more elaborate setups. A grill station usually includes some storage and countertop area for food preparation. Done right, such an installation can become the center of your outdoor living.

Done wrong, outdoor grill stations can be a nuisance. Below are some mistakes to avoid in outdoor grill installation.

Improper Location

Location is as important for your grill station as for any other installation. First off, you need to have enough space for your grill, storage, and workspace. Naturally, the grill station won't be as expansive as your kitchen. You need usable space, though. So, find an area that can accommodate a larger installation.

That said, keep two caveats in mind. One is that the grill station needs to be close to the patio entrance, which hopefully leads to the kitchen. You don't want to travel far to reach your grill station. The other is proximity to seating. The Landscaping Network recommends ensuring your grill station won't send smoke and odors to outdoor seating.

Inadequate Ventilation

Similarly, you should account for enough ventilation in general for your grilling. Many homeowners locate their grill station so it's under an overhang from the house. They may even incorporate other structures to prevent wind. If your grill is somewhat enclosed, make sure you have adequate ventilation for smoke and vapors.

Even more importantly, talk to your installation contractors about ventilation for the grill station itself. If you're installing a gas grill, the island needs ventilation to prevent a buildup of fumes or gas.

Insufficient Insulation

The structure of the grill station is important. You have many options for the material. Contractors often recommend steel, concrete block, or brick. Those materials are fireproof, so they stand up well to the heat the grill produces.

Grill stations often incorporate wood and other flammable materials. When that's the case, you need sufficient insulation to ensure your station won't go up in flames. Ask your grill dealer about an insulated jacket, which is a metal insert that goes around your grill. It protects the materials around it from heat buildup.

Incorrect Storage

Storage is an important component of a grill station. At the bare minimum, you want to store the utensils you'll use for the grill. However, some drawers or cubbies for other supplies are handy.

Try to avoid enclosed storage, though. Closed drawers and cabinets often become dens for wildlife. Likewise, remember the venting and plumbing needed to get your grill going. You'll need to accommodate those necessities in the area directly around your grill.

Devise a workable plan for your outdoor grill installation. For more information, contact an outdoor grill installation service in your area.


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