Why Add A Glass Conservatory To Your Home?

Posted on: 30 June 2020

Does your house or yard need a pick-me-up? While homeowners have plenty of choices as to how they can spruce up a home, many owners may not consider the value of a glass conservatory. What is a conservatory, and how can it add value to your property? Here are a few answers.

What is a Conservatory? 

Well-known in European regions, a conservatory is a large, enclosed room made primarily from glass windows, doors, and roof. The room is usually built so that you can enter and exit directly into a public area of the home, although you can build an independent conservatory if you would prefer. 

The conservatory is similar to what Americans might call a 'four season room', but with a more elegant tone. It's a great place to grow plants, which is why a conservatory gets its roots in orangeries where tropical plants and fruits were once grown in cold climates. Your conservatory is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature all year long. 

What Does a Conservatory Add?

Because it's an enclosed section of what used to be the yard, you gain useful space in the home and better usage of your outdoor space. The conservatory's extensive glass walls and roofing allow a full view of the yard, making it ideal for backyard entertainment throughout the year. But it's not limited to outdoor entertaining. You can use the expanded footprint to bolster the size of your kitchen, dining room, or living room.  

What Should You Look for In a Conservatory?

When planning your conservatory, make sure to use energy-efficient windows and roofing panels. One of the main dangers of this design is that inefficient windows could make it too warm in the summer. Look for low emission windows and slightly opaque roofing material to prevent too much direct sunlight. Conservatories often have added environmental controls, including overhead fans, air conditioning, and heaters. 

Aside from glass design, the angles and direction of the conservatory can be a major factor. Ideally, it should face south so you take maximum advantage of natural light and warmth. But a little dappled shade from nearby trees or buildings can also help ensure an even temperature. The plants you want to include should inform how much direct or indirect sunlight you target. 

Where Should You Start?

Before you decide on a design or start construction, focus on the glass choices — since these will have the largest effect on the conservatory's comfort and may be the largest expense involved. Talk with a residential glass service in your area today to get started. 

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