Ways To Use Cherry Lumber In Your Home

Posted on: 2 December 2020

When you think about buying lumber for a project in your home, it can be useful to browse all of the different options that your local store has available. If you're planning a project in which the appearance of the wood is critical, one type of lumber to consider buying is cherry wood. Known for its slightly reddish appearance and hard nature, cherry is a type of wood that is useful for a number of different jobs. Many people enjoy the look of cherry wood, so you'll want to choose a stain that complements the look of the wood. Here are some ways that you can use cherry lumber in your home.


If you are a capable woodworker and are keen on building some of your own furniture, cherry lumber can be a material that works well for several different projects. For example, you might wish to build an entertainment unit, a set of barstools, or even a kitchen table out of cherry. If you're looking for a smaller project, consider a coffee table or a pair of end tables for your living room. With the proper design and construction, cherry furniture will be robust enough to easily last your lifetime.


The visually appealing look of cherry wood can also make it a good choice for a countertop. If you have an island in your kitchen, this can be an ideal surface on which to build a wooden countertop, and cherry can especially work well if its color will complement other parts of the kitchen. There are several ways that you can approach this project, but gluing several pieces of lumber together in a butcher block style can be a look that your whole family enjoys.

Railing And Balusters

In any home, the railing that runs along the side of the staircase and the balusters that support the railing are important for safety. If you're not thrilled with the look of the railing and balusters that came with your home when you bought it, however, you can build new ones out of lumber. Cherry is a good choice for this job because of the high-end appearance that it provides. With the right stain, your cherry railing and balusters can be a focal point for people as they approach the staircase. This may especially be appealing for you if the staircase is within sight of the front door and you frequently have guests over.

Reach out to a professional who supplies lumber to see if they have cherry wood available. 


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