Garage Flooring Solutions That Will Address Water And Mud Accumulation

Posted on: 17 June 2021

If your driveway is often wet and muddy and results in watery sludge deposited onto your garage's concrete flooring, the standing liquid and sludge can be hazardous when walked upon and can ultimately affect the integrity of the concrete surface. Two garage flooring solutions that will minimize liquid and residue accumulation include self-draining tiles and an improvement in the slope of the flooring, along with the use of a floor mat.

Self-Draining Tiles That Are Porous

Perforated tiles that interlock will allow moisture to seep through. Tiles need to be aligned above a subfloor. The interlocking tabs and slots will rest underneath the tile pieces, providing the floor covering with a seamless surface. Tiles that contain a textured surface will protect against slips and falls. A standard vehicle can safely be parked on top of perforated tiles without affecting the functionality of the flooring system.

With this type of upgrade, the subfloor will need to be cleaned occasionally. This can be performed by detaching the tiles and removing them from the garage. Upon doing so, the subfloor will be fully accessible. Because water will still be accumulating within the garage, having a new drain system installed will aid with transporting water outdoors.

Small liquid deposits may not pose much of an issue and will likely evaporate on their own, as long as the ventilation within the garage is sufficient. Self-draining tiles are constructed of a hard plastic or PVC material. Either material can be cleaned with standard cleaners, brushes, and sponges.

An Improved Slope And Mats

The floor within your garage should be level, but the threshold area that separates the doorway from your driveway will work best if it is slightly angled. With the addition of an angled surface along the entryway to the garage, water that has accumulated will roll toward the entryway and exit the confines of the garage.

A building contractor can advise you on any adjustments that need to be made to the slope of the garage. After an assessment and upgrades have been completed, purchase a large mat that is waterproof. A mat that contains a lipped edge that will surround the tires of your vehicle will prevent mud from being tracked onto the rest of the flooring within the garage.

The mat that you use should have a bottom surface that grips. This will aid with keeping the mat in one spot. On occasion, park your vehicle in the driveway and move the mat outdoors. Use a water hose and cleaning agents to remove staining from the mat's surface.


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