Select Stainless Steel Cabinets For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Posted on: 17 November 2021

High-quality stainless steel cabinets can be used to conceal outdoor plumbing or to store cookware and grilling accessories that will be used in your outdoor kitchen. Consider placement variables and design elements for the new cabinetry that you will be purchasing.

Fully-Stabilized Or Moveable

Stock or custom stainless steel cabinets include models that can be fully-stabilized and moveable units. Manufacturers of cabinets design outdoor units that provide a weathertight seal. Powder coating or a clear rust inhibitor may be applied to stainless steel surfaces.

Stainless steel is relatively corrosion resistant when cared for properly. High salinity or high humidity regions may compromise the durability of the chromium oxide that is on the surface of stainless steel products. For this reason, you may want to purchase a powder-coated or rust inhibitor-treated cabinet type if you live in an aquatic region or one that experiences humid conditions.

Fully-stabilized cabinetry can be secured to the decking or patio where your outdoor kitchen is located. If your kitchen area is large and you may move furnishings and appliances around on occasion, a tall moveable cabinet may be a more accommodating option that you would like to own.

A moveable cabinet can be tall and contain a considerable amount of interior space or short and contain limited storage. Some outdoor cabinets feature a cutting board that is attached to the top of a stabilized or moveable unit.

Plumbing Concealment

Stainless steel cabinetry can be used to conceal plumbing that is connected to your outdoor sink. A series of cabinets that each possess the same features can be aligned next to one another.

One cabinet can be used to hide the pipes that extend from the sink. The other cabinets can be used to store dish detergent, scrub brushes, sponges, and other cleaning materials that you will need to use after preparing and serving meals.

A Central Island

A central island that contains cabinetry on both sides can help you make the most of the space that you have designated for your outdoor kitchen. A central island that is square or rectangular-shaped will support cabinetry that is located underneath the island's surface.

On the sides of the island that lack cabinetry, you can place bar stools or chairs. This type of outdoor setup will make each grilling or cooking session intimate. All of the items that you have placed in storage will be easily reachable. For more information regarding stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets, reach out to a home and garden expert near you.


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