5 Common Repair Needs for Glass Shower Doors

Posted on: 22 February 2022

Glass shower enclosures are easy to clean and they really open up a room, but they do need some periodic maintenance and repairs. Knowing the most common issues can help you plan ahead

1. Loose Hardware

Over time bracket screws and hinge pins can come loose on a shower door and enclosure. Checking regularly for any screws that have loosened or backed out means you can tighten or replace the hardware before the enclosure becomes loose enough to suffer damage. Another sign of loose hardware is if the door or enclosure seems to shake or rattle when the door is operated.

2. Scummy Tracks

If your shower doors are on a track rather than hinged, then you must maintain the tracks to keep the door working properly. Soap scum, lint, and dirt can lead to obstructions on the tracks, which will affect operation. The track must be cleaned regularly and inspected for bending or warping damages that could impede operation. If damage has occurred to the tracks, then they will need to be straightened or replaced.

3. Damaged Hinges

Hinged glass shower doors may eventually begin to sag on the hinges. The door won't hang level, and it may squeak or bind up when it is operated. If tightening the screws or adjusting the hinge pins doesn't solve the problem, then the hinges will need to be replaced. Sometimes damage to the finish on the hinges is the problem, as this can cause rust and corrosion that leads to hinge damage.

4. Gasket Failures

Some glass shower door designs incorporate a gasket around the door that prevents water from leaking out from around the door. Over time, the gasket can wear out and leaks can occur. You can extend gasket life by keeping it clean and by angling the showerhead so the water doesn't beat on the door. Once the gasket fails, the only option is to have it replaced before shower leaks cause water damage in the bathroom.

5. Scratched Glass

Scratches on your enclosure glass are most often the result of using abrasive cleaners, an issue that can be avoided. Once the glass is scratched, repair options are limited. Shallow scratches can sometimes be buffed out of tempered shower enclosure glass. Excessive or deep scratching may be camouflaged by having the shower glass frosted. Otherwise, replacement of the glass may be necessary.

Contact a shower door repair service if you are having issues with your glass shower enclosure.


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