An Energy-Efficient Sunroom Addition

Posted on: 5 July 2022

If you plan on enjoying your new sunroom throughout each season of the year, insulating the addition should be one of your top priorities. A sunroom should receive adequate sunlight, but block radiant rays during the spring and summer months and provide increased warmth during the fall and winter months. 

The Construction Of The Room

A sunroom will contain multiple glass panels and a framework. If you decide to have glass panels installed that reach the floor to the ceiling, you may discover that your sunroom is much too hot during the warmest months of the year.

The key to finding a balance that will supply you with coolness and warmth is by choosing a sunroom design that features an adequate amount of glass panels and sturdy building materials. A contractor can construct a sunroom that contains a rooftop, a ceiling, and large framework panels. This type of construction will allow windowpanes to be placed strategically around the room.

The Weatherization Aids

Some retailers sell winterizing kits that can be used to seal gaps and add an extra layer of protection over glass panels. A winterizing kit may contain weatherization strips and plastic. Tint is another product that will block the sun's radiant rays, but still allow some light to filter through.

Your contractor may be able to purchase some glass panels that come with a layer of tint already secured to them. Tint ratings vary and may provide different levels of privacy and protection. An awning is another material that can be used to block sunlight. A retractable awning that is installed on the exterior side of the sunroom can be opened and closed as needed.

The HVAC Components

A contractor can install a central HVAC unit. A unit that is attached to ductwork can be used to heat up your sunroom during the winter and cool down your sunroom during the summer. An efficient HVAC unit will operate quietly and not release a lot of dust within the sunroom.

During the seasons in which you will not rely upon the use of heating or cooling, the unit can remain turned off. A contractor can design the room to support a small unit that will not interfere with the design of the sunroom. The ductwork that will be attached to the unit can be installed behind wall panels or can be installed along the corners of the room or along the ceiling of the room. 

Reach out to a sunroom addition contractor for more information.


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