Think You Have Mold In Your House? Know These Home Testing Tips

Posted on: 26 August 2022

If you have a suspicion that there is mold in your home, then you'll need to start doing some tests. There are many kits that you can purchase at the store that allow you to test at home and have the results analyzed by a lab. However, it will help to know some tips when doing your own testing.

Be Precise With Exposure Times

You'll need to leave the mold test kit exposed in your home for a specific amount of time. Make sure that you follow the directions and seal the mold test kit up as indicated and get it into the mail as soon as possible. This will ensure the accuracy of your mold test when it is analyzed for mold content. Leave the sample out too long, and you may be collecting more mold spores than normal and have an inaccurate reading. 

Don't Leave Doors And Windows Open

It's important that you make your home as sealed as possible when performing a mold test. This means that you must leave your windows closed so that you don't have a breeze of cool air coming through the space. This can bring in mold from the outside with that fresh air, which will disrupt the results of your test. While going in and out of your home is fine, you shouldn't be propping the door open for extended periods of time. 

Avoid Placing The Mold Test Near Vents

You may have some sort of vent to your home going outside, such as near your washing machine. This is not a good place to put a mold test kit because that vent could be removing air from the area and taking the mold with it. Find an isolated place out in the open to place the mold kit, ideally near the center of the house.

Don't Touch The Mold Test

It's important to let everyone in your home know that you are performing a mold test and to not disrupt the test by touching it. You need to leave it alone for the recommended test period to get accurate results. Having people pick up the mold test kit to look at it can cause those results to become inaccurate. 

Take A Control Sample

Make sure that you also take a control sample by placing a mold test kit outside. This lets you know the natural amount of mold in the air during the test period.

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