What To Expect When You Have Radon In Your Home

Posted on: 13 December 2022

Do you suspect that you have radon gas seeping in from beneath your home? If so, you'll definitely want to take some steps to prevent this colorless, odorless, and harmful gas from affecting the air that you breathe every single day. Hers is what you can expect to happen when you hire a radon mitigation contractor to fix this problem for you.

The Home Will Be Tested For Radon 

The process starts by testing your home for radon to confirm what the baseline levels are. Unlike any home test you may have taken in the past, a professional radon test can provide instant results with the more expensive equipment that they have on hand. Multiple parts of the home can then be instantly tested to identify where radon is coming in and create a plan for how to install a mitigation system.

The Ventilation System Will Be Installed

A hole will need to be created in your foundation to create a point where the radon gas will want to flow out from. A vacuum is created to suck that gas out through the hole so that it doesn't collect underneath your home. A pipe is connected to the hole that is created, which will then be sealed so that radon cannot reach the inside of your home from around the pipe.

The ventilation pipe will then be extended to a place where the radon gas can safely be moved to, which is several feet above the highest window in your home. A direct ventilation system can be used so that the gas naturally travels upward, which will not require any additional fans to ventilate the dangerous gas. 

However, keep in mind that this is just one common solution to get rid of radon. Your radon mitigation contractor may recommend another technique, such as sealing the crawl space of your home, sealing cracks in the foundation, and even using a combination of all three ideas. 

The Home Will Be Tested Again For Radon

The radon mitigation contractor will want to ensure that the system is doing its job, so they will take additional tests to see what the current radon levels are. If everything was successful, the radon levels will be within the safe levels that are necessary to live in your home. If there are still high levels of radon found, more steps will need to be done to find out how the radon is getting in and come up with a new plan for how to remove it. 

Contact radon mitigation system services to learn more. 


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