An Introduction To Widespread Bathroom Faucets

Posted on: 7 February 2023

Whether you are looking at replacing the bathroom faucet that you currently have or you are simply curious about what is available, the topic of widespread bathroom faucets may come up. Widespread bathroom sink faucets are a more contemporary style than the traditional one-piece design that often gets installed on a bathroom sink. Take a look at some of the most common questions people tend to have about wider-set bathroom faucets and the answers you may want to know.

What are widespread bathroom faucets?

A widespread bathroom sink faucet has more distance between the faucet and the hot and cold handles or knobs. Normally with a one-piece faucet design, all three pieces are close together or have just a few inches between them. The widespread versions have a wider space between each piece. 

Are there benefits of installing widespread bathroom faucets?

Widespread faucets allow more flexibility with the design. For example, the faucets can be positioned in different ways, such as side-mounted or mounted on the countertop instead of on the sink itself. Also, the freestanding style of each individual component can offer a unique, more modern look. 

Can widespread faucets work with any sink type?

In most cases, yes. Widespread units can work on any sink type, even those with pre-drilled holes for mounting. However, if the faucet or the handles you choose are large, the pre-drilled holes in the sink may be too close together to accommodate the installation. Therefore, be sure to take measurements of the faucet pieces compared to the holes in the bathroom sink to make sure you can achieve proper mounting. 

What are mini widespread bathroom sink faucets?

Mini widespread faucets are the same as other models with the exception that the components tend to be smaller. Therefore, the components can be seated closer together and take up less space on the sink or counter. These smaller units are a popular choice in bathrooms that have a smaller sink style or if the design is more minimalistic in nature. 

Why do widespread sink faucets tend to cost more?

Since widespread styles come in separate pieces instead of one unit, the costs can be slightly higher than with a standard faucet. Likewise, if you have the faucet professionally installed, you can expect installation costs to be a bit higher because the parts take longer to install. 

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