5 Common Repair Needs for Glass Shower Doors

Posted on: 22 February 2022

Glass shower enclosures are easy to clean and they really open up a room, but they do need some periodic maintenance and repairs. Knowing the most common issues can help you plan ahead 1. Loose Hardware Over time bracket screws and hinge pins can come loose on a shower door and enclosure. Checking regularly for any screws that have loosened or backed out means you can tighten or replace the hardware before the enclosure becomes loose enough to suffer damage.
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Select Stainless Steel Cabinets For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Posted on: 17 November 2021

High-quality stainless steel cabinets can be used to conceal outdoor plumbing or to store cookware and grilling accessories that will be used in your outdoor kitchen. Consider placement variables and design elements for the new cabinetry that you will be purchasing. Fully-Stabilized Or Moveable Stock or custom stainless steel cabinets include models that can be fully-stabilized and moveable units. Manufacturers of cabinets design outdoor units that provide a weathertight seal. Powder coating or a clear rust inhibitor may be applied to stainless steel surfaces.
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Furniture Showroom: Shopping Tips For Success

Posted on: 30 August 2021

​Whether you are renovating an existing space or choosing pieces for a new house, shopping for home furnishings can be both a fun and exciting journey to finding just the right items to create the perfect home atmosphere. Furniture showrooms offer shoppers a large array of home furnishings that are readily available for both purchase and shipping. However, going into a furniture showroom to shop can easily become an overwhelming experience. Read on for some tips to keep in mind when visiting a furniture showroom to make the shopping experience a success.
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Garage Flooring Solutions That Will Address Water And Mud Accumulation

Posted on: 17 June 2021

If your driveway is often wet and muddy and results in watery sludge deposited onto your garage's concrete flooring, the standing liquid and sludge can be hazardous when walked upon and can ultimately affect the integrity of the concrete surface. Two garage flooring solutions that will minimize liquid and residue accumulation include self-draining tiles and an improvement in the slope of the flooring, along with the use of a floor mat.
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