Austin Ross

  • Asthma And Your HVAC: How They Are Related

    Asthma is a respiratory disease that impacts many Americans. The American Lung Assocatiion says that more than 7.1 million children have asthma. Obviously, asthma is a serious issues that must be dealt with. There are many different factors that contribute to the progression of asthma. One of these could be your HVAC unit. This article will discuss how your HVAC unit could be contributing to asthma in your household. Asthma And Your HVAC Unit
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  • Soil Issues When Replacing A Dogwood With Shrubs

    Regardless of the type of soil you have, its pH level has a significant impact on what you can plant in the area, as well as when you can plant. For instance, if you have just had a flowering dogwood removed and want to replace it with shrubs, you will have to treat the soil to adjust the pH level. Your dogwood tree will have required a fairly acidic soil (not what most shrubs require), so you will have to treat the soil with lime before you can put in your shrubs:
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